Eli Brown

Eli Brown brings back the acid house of the 90s with his new single ‘Be The One’: Listen

In this new release, Eli Brown resurrects the acid house of the 90s with an ode to burbling 303 bass synths.

Who doesn’t miss good old acid house? The movement is said to have begun in 1988 and spread throughout the 1990s. Acid house, which was popular in abandoned warehouses and a few underground clubs, has a longstanding legacy in Detroit, Chicago, Germany, and Ibiza. Those golden days are resurrected in Eli Brown’s beautiful track ‘Be The One‘, which is out now on Polydor Records.

‘Be The One’ is a warehouse-ready track whose dynamic production makes it an infectious piece. In a clear homage to the 90s, Eli Brown manages to combine the nostalgic qualities of 303 bass synths and the haunting soundscapes of modern times in this dance tune. ‘Be The One’ bears the dark signature of Eli Brown, who manages to combine the depth of underground beats with one clubbing energy that guarantees endless dancing. The synthesiser is undoubtedly the strongest element of ‘Be The One’, but there are other interesting elements associated with it. The vocals are precious as they are beautifully enveloped by all the other elements. It is perfectly framed and is one of the most addictive elements of this track. The tension is always at a high level and is tempered at some points by air pockets that serve as a ramp for the drop. It has an infectious and unexpected old-school vibe that works wonderfully.

Eli Brown burst onto the scene in 2016 and has since distinguished himself with exquisite and mature productions that are second to none. be the One is another fine example of this and a powerful addition to Brown’s repertoire. Listen to his latest offering below:



Image Credit: Eli Brown / Courtesy of Big Beat Records