experiment combines styles on emotional single ‘Stuck In A Loop’: listen

Experiment’s voice has arrived.  This seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter has burst onto the indie pop scene with his debut single “Stuck In A Loop” and EP Mwah.

Opening up with a softly picked guitar arpeggio, Experiment begins Stuck In A Loop by admitting that he is a little bit high preparing to track this single.  The track quickly unfolds, like a stream of conscious look into the young producer’s mind as he turns over the decisions in his life, and contemplates how it “felt like I was 10, like 10 days ago, like where is life and where did it go?”  The continuous guitar loop, over the light yet forceful percussion, combined with the subtle harmonies all combine to provide an energy and mood that perfectly connects with the message of the lyrics.

Stuck in a Loop is a song I wrote because I was falling behind at school and my Dad wanted to pull me out,  I was really trying to keep up however I kept on finding myself in the same spot, no matter how much I pushed myself forward, I was literally … stuck in a loop, and could not see the way out.

With a voice that is endearing thanks to its unique and soulful rasp, the wisdom that which experiment projects goes well beyond his years.  While the music is stripped down and simple, it helps further convey the themes of monotony and feeling trapped that permeate throughout the single, creating a musical loop that reinforces the concept.  While the introspective thoughts of self-doubt, anxiety, and struggles with negative behaviors dominate the single, Experiment’s layers of vocal harmonies make the track undeniably memorable, with melodies that quickly endear themselves to the listener.

While Experiment is still very young, the 17-year-old songwriter and producer is clearly ready to tackle some of life’s largest and most universal problems.

Image Credit: experiment (Press)

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