Festival Packing List: How to get through Lollapalooza Paris 2023 in style

With the upcoming summer, the festival season is also in the starting blocks. But besides the anticipation, it is important to be ideally prepared for the festival. For Lollapalooza Paris, it therefore makes sense to stick to a festival packing list so that nothing stands in the way of the festival fun.

Why should I care about a festival packing list?

Of course, most people want to deal with the festival itself and not worry about packing lists. But if you take precautions, you don’t have to fret about missing accessories or gadgets afterwards. Therefore, it is not wrong to think a few thoughts in advance to be best prepared for different situations. Because similar with a pub crawl in Nice, anything can happen in Paris. Remember that

  • it can rain in torrents
  • the rain jacket is no longer waterproof
  • sHours of queuing at sanitary facilities
  • and lack of clothing

can certainly contribute to the festival mood sinking. If you want to preserve the precious festival moments and leave nothing to chance at Lollapalooza, use a packing list. This contains not only clothes, but also medicines, toiletries and much more, so that the trip to Paris succeeds all around.

What should I think about before the festival starts?

Before the journey by car, train or bus begins, you need to pack. Take plenty of time for the packing session and plan for several days. Also, consider,

  • how many people you are
  • whether a tent is necessary
  • how many sleeping bags or sleeping pads are needed

and whether other friends, relatives or family members can take over various supplies such as air pumps or blankets. Split up when purchasing and transporting supplies so that no one has to carry too much.

Note: Having a packing list can save every festival attendee not only money, but also time and nerves. Of course, there are camping stores at most festivals – but the prices for various things are of course much more expensive here. So be smart, think about which clothes and items are suitable for the festival and thus save money as well as time on endless queues, which ultimately only strain your patience.


A packing list is always worth its weight in gold

Check the weather forecast before visiting Lollapalooza Paris. If the sun is shining, rain jacket and rubber boots are not necessary. Also, try to keep the luggage as small as possible. This way, there is not much weight to lug from the car, bus or train to the festival site.

Important: Don’t forget to pack enough cash and alternatively EC-card or credit card. Keep the means of payment safe and in an inconspicuous place. The same applies to your cell phone, charger and festival tickets.

Also remember your identity card, health insurance card, travel tickets and possibly directions – better safe than sorry!

If you plan to visit the festival for several days, you should also bring

  • tent
  • tarpaulin and other camping utensils
  • Flashlight
  • Towels
  • blankets
  • Padlock
  • Ear protection as well as alternatively sleeping mask for sleeping
  • Cable ties
  • Folding spade
  • Tools
  • Camping chairs

for the camping area. If you do not only want to enjoy fast food at the festival, but also prepare your own meals, the following items are necessary

  • Gas stove plus cartridges
  • Cookware
  • Dinnerware
  • kitchen roll
  • dishwashing liquid and sponges
  • garbage bags
  • disposable grill
  • Lighter and lighter
  • cool box

and more to think about. Thus, every situation is taken care of and nothing stands in the way of the festival. Do not forget to pack a first aid kit – so you are ideally secured for any case.

Small tip: In addition to bagged soups, pasta, fruit, vegetables, nuts, bread, sweets and snacks such as chips, but also meat and grilled sausages, grilled cheese, Maultaschen and much more are suitable for eating. Check the luggage again before departure. Has everything been thought of? If everything looks good, nothing stands in the way of the departure to Lollapalooza Paris.


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