From passion to purpose: The evolution of Atlantis, and how the love for music leads to a life of unwavering growth and unforgettable experiences

Atlantis is not a new name in the EDM scene. The talented DJ has quickly cemented her spot in the progressive house and techno scene, with her unique style attracting massive attention globally. Atlantis’s mixes have garnered more than 4M views on YouTube alone, where she has been praised by fans and DJs alike for her unique blend of beats and impeccable mixing skills. We caught up with the fast-rising DJ and producer, who shared her incredible journey to finding her purpose in the industry.

Atlantis developed an interest in music at a young age. She explains that she felt drawn to the art and wanted to learn more about music writing and making, which prompted her to begin her journey at age 6. However, at the time, it was more of a hobby.

While she loved music, Atlantis didn’t see this as something she could do full-time until she fully immersed herself in it. “I wanted to be a singer and devoted my time to this,” says Atlantis. She spent months honing her skills and learning more about music making, from the different scales and chords and how to read sheet music, which made her realize that this wasn’t something she wanted to just do in her leisure time.

Atlantis also realized she wanted to be more than a singer. She wanted to create music herself from start to end and share a piece of her heart and soul with the whole planet.

According to Atlantis, one of her main goals as a creative is to create music that makes people happy. She views music not only as a tool for entertainment but also as healing and inspiration and is using her work to spread love, joy, and hope. “I want to show people the beauty of life and help them feel the incredible magic through my music and the music I play,” says Atlantis. This is part of why she started releasing her live DJ streams on YouTube.

By sharing her live house mixes on her YouTube, Atlantis ensures those who can’t make it to the concerts can still feel part of it. She says she wants to give everyone a chance to experience the beauty of music from anywhere in the world. Atlantis has several over one-hour mixes on her YouTube. She also uploads these mixes and her singles to her Spotify.

Atlantis has worked on several music projects, including “Lover” ft. Litchi and “Inside My Head” ft. Coulson and Litchi. She has signed with two of the top record labels, ZEHN Records and Sirup, who are helping her achieve her purpose. As she continues doing this, Atlantis looks forward to working with other big names in the industry and playing at concerts around the world.

There is no doubt that passion fuels our creativity and motivates us to push past our limits. But this alone is not enough to keep the momentum going, which makes it essential to have a purpose—“your why.” For Atlantis, her purpose is to create music that inspires and uplifts others. This is part of what led her to pursue music full-time. Her music selections focus on spreading happiness and showing people they can do it!


Image Credit: Atlantis (Press) / Provided by Ascend Agency

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