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GORDO reveals Las Vegas residency with Tao Group Hospitality

The legend GORDO has announced he will be returning to Tao Group Hospitality in Las Vegas. As we approach the summer of 2023, GORDO will be blessing his fans and dropping those groovy tunes at globally-recognized venues such as Tao Beach Dayclub, Marquee Dayclub
and Hakkasan Nightclub.

GORDO previously known as Carnage has clearly been making his own waves in the music industry. With summer 2023 insight for all of us, we unarguably cannot wait to hit outdoor music festivals and beach clubs around the globe. Just in time, GORDO has shared he will be returning to Tao Group Hospitality in Las Vegas. GORDO will be taking over iconic venues Tao Beach Dayclub, Marquee Dayclub, and Hakkasan Nightclub as Tao Group Hospitality’s newest resident.

Announcing to his global fan base,  GORDO released an epic  video that reenacts LeBron James’s iconic decision heard around the world when announcing he was going to play for the Miami Heat during ‘The Decision.’ With GORDO definitely initiating the groove around the world as he takes on iconic festivals and clubs, it only makes sense for him to announce his residency and continue to dominate. As the anticipation for summer builds up, GORDO shares:

“Over a decade ago Marquee believed in Carnage and gave me a shot on the strip, it’s a crazy honor to return as Gordo and have the opportunity to play across all of Tao Group Hospitality’s incredible new properties…the best is yet to come.”

Check out the official announcement video below and let us know if you are excited in the comments.


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