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Hardwell joins forces with Sub Zero Project for new single, ‘Judgement Day’: Listen

For many fans, the self-imposed hiatus that Hardwell embarked upon beginning in 2018 left a massive hole in festival line-ups and release schedules for the next several years before his return at Ultra Music 2022.  Since making his official comeback, he has been recharged and rejuvenated, with a seemingly endless supply of new music constantly being released.

Now the Revealed Recordings label boss returns just one week after dropping his massive remix of the Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding global hit, Miracle, to switch to a body-shaking hardstyle anthem alongside fellow Dutch producers, Sub Zero Project.  This latest offering, Judgement Day, is a stark departure from the trance production that colored his Miracle remix, instead delivering a hard-hitting track that will surely rattle festival and club stages around the world.  The release of Judgement Day represents the sixth and final single first teased by Hardwell earlier this year with a website redesign showcasing six doors, each revealing a new track that was released between February and today.

Judgement Day opens with massive synths and distorted sounds before a high-paced lead kicks in to set the tone for the rest of the single.  An imposing male voice takes over the track, relaying the creed of the track as the music makes way:

You sow today and you reap tomorrow
But the price will always come with sorrow
You can run or hide far away
But no one escapes from judgement day

From here, the track unloads itself upon listeners, going into a full hardstyle breakdown, barely allowing listeners to catch their breath before they hear the mantra yet again prior to the second drop.  The producers offer a slight reprieve afterward, building a steady atmospheric interlude, full of leads and synths, the percussion comes back at warp speed to introduce the vocal for a third time before one final drop.

This heavy-hitting single from Hardwell and Sub Zero Project is out now.

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