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House Music Essentials Vol 14. featuring Kyle Watson, Afrojack, KC Lights & more
Kyle Watson
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House Music Essentials Vol 14. featuring Kyle Watson, Afrojack, KC Lights & more

Home Uncategorized House Music Essentials Vol 14. featuring Kyle Watson, Afrojack, KC Lights & more

As we approach the summer, We Rave You presents the fourteenth edition of our House Music Essentials featuring world-class artists such as Kyle Watson, Afrojack, Black V Neck, KC Lights, Nate Mars, Dia Luna, BLUUR, Rich Furniss, Morsy and Buck. 

As the summer season approaches for all those house music enthusiasts, We Rave You has got you covered for a few tracks to ignite those dancefloors around the world. Just in time for festival season, We Rave You presents our fourteenth edition of House Music Essentials featuring Kyle Watson, Afrojack, Black V Neck, KC Lights, Nate Mars, Dia Luna, BLUUR, Rich Furniss, Morsy, and Buck.

A house music connoisseur, purveyor of good times, and all-around legend, Kyle Watson delivered an irresistibly groovy set at Celebrities Nightclub in Vancouver, BC. Rinsing out those club-ready tunes such as “The Reason” to the sold-out crowd and playing unreleased gems that undeniably had the crowd in awe, Kyle Watson is the one we trust to ignite the dancefloor and get his global fan base moving no matter what time of the day it is. With an energetic feel to his music and unmatched sound design, Kyle Watson has become an artist who many look up to and draw inspiration upon. An ever-evolving producer who has shown the sky is the limit, Kyle Watson has launched his own label No Context Records. Kyle has enlisted the help of his better half to join him in bringing No Context to life sharing:

“The idea of starting my own record label has been bubbling under the surface for the longest time but I’m a master of procrastination so it just never came to fruition. That changes this year! I’ve teamed up with my wife Tash and I’m pumped to say that we’re finally getting this off the ground! No Context will not only be an outlet for my own music but also a platform to showcase talent and music that stands out.”

Kyle Watson’s debut release is a celebration of the humble kick drum. The quintessence of any dance track is the kick drum, it’s the glue that holds the whole thing together. Kyle has paired the perfect kick with a low rumbling bassline that hits right in the chest, a chugging percussion, and a unique set of builds with a distinctive sound design that culminates in a certified dance floor belter as the artist shares:

“I’ve been testing Kick Drums out in my sets for over half a year. After each run, I brought it back into the studio and kept refining it until I was 100% happy, and that’s the version you hear today. It got some of the biggest reactions on my previous tour and when I teased it late 2022 on socials, judging from the reaction it was clear that people wanted it released. So here it is!”


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Black V Neck & Afrojack – “Oral Music”

Continuously growing house duo Black V Neck have teamed up again with one of the most iconic DJs in modern electronic history, Afrojack, to unleash a house heater that merges the best of both their styles into one release. For Black V Neck, past singles such as “Like Whoa,” and “Day N Night,” – this single also in collaboration with Afrojack – model a great introduction to the wild, stylish, and high-energy twists that they inject into the tech house genre, often featuring clever instrumental design or incredible vocal toplines that align perfectly with the tastes of electronic music fans and club-goers in 2023. Now comes “Oral Music,’ which showcases the next evolution of what the Black V Neck vision is meant to be this year. The single sets the tone with a high-hat heavy atmosphere, bass, and claps. A trippy, cut-up vocal sample acts as the centerpiece in the drops, inserting the perfect amount of weirdness and color into the situation and thus allowing the single to reach the status of infectious and memorable.

KC Lights -“Hold On” ft. Kye Sones

Scottish DJ and electronic producer KC Lights is becoming a recognized and loved name globally. Fans often say that he has that rare ability to integrate underground house roots into a sound completely unique to him and accessible to all. His trajectory continues gaining momentum. He has sustained over 1.3 million monthly listeners while also playing some of the world’s biggest stages including Tomorrowland, Creamfields, ADE, as well as numerous performances in the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Holland, Denmark, Germany, France, US, Brazil, and Mexico, with many more to come. Today, KC is excited about unleashing an edit that only he has had up until now. It is an uplifting euphoric festival piano edit of his 2021 hit “Hold On ft. Kye Sones” that is out now via Solardo’s special SOLA imprint. Once again, KC uses his diverse talents in the studio, offering intricate melodies that invoke a certain sense of bliss and nostalgia that would be as comfortable in ’95 but fits right in with 2023. Kye’s vocals float breathlessly on top helping to build towards an epic climax, while having the full complement of KC’s driving piano stabs and a punchy four-on-the-floor groove. The artist shares:

“I created this edit shortly after writing the original with vocalist Kye Sones back in 2021. I’ve always been a big fan of spinning my songs in different ways creatively. I had this idea of a 90’s piano riff for the drop and the rest came together pretty quickly. It’s actually been a song that I’ve been closing out my set with for the past year now and the response has been incredible. It’s one of my favorites!”

Nate Mars & Dia Luna – “Out Of The City”

Reigniting the movement behind acid techno, musical innovators Nate Mars and DIA LUNA have joined forces on their single, “Inside”. Representing the lead single from their forthcoming album, Out Of The City, the track wastes no time delivering hypnotic grooves. It kicks off with a well-crafted, mesmerizing bassline. Suddenly, DIA LUNA’s voice enters the mix, adding a beautiful aura of dark pop. As she instantly captivates listeners, Nate weaves in crisp sequences of subtly ever-changing percussion. Marking the first release from Out Of The City, this compilation aims to strap in its audience for a memorable journey that bends the constructs of both their mental and physical worlds. Together, Nate Mars and DIA LUNA have drawn inspiration from artists like The Knife and Jamie xx to forge this experimental and highly danceable LP. Building on the excitement for the compilation, “Inside” is a great precursor to the collaborative project.

BLUUR – “No Warning”

Bringing the energy with his new single “No Warning”, rising artist BLUUR is diving into April head first. This mind-bending anthem opens just the way bass heads would hope it would, with a thumping bassline and blaring alarm noises. As the intensity multiplies, the track leads into a mesmerizing breakdown, filled with futuristic synth progressions. Suddenly, aggressive vocals take center stage and it is up to the audience to try to prepare themselves for what comes next. Right before the drop, an isolated “no warning” is called out, then all hell breaks loose. BLUUR forges an electrifying blend of bass house and dubstep that is primed for warehouse raves. The remainder of “No Warning” is packed with twists and turns that are equally thrilling.


Rich Furniss, Morsy, & Buck – “Desire”

Hungry and ambitious NYC-based talent Rich Furniss is blasting off with what could be one of his best releases to date with “Desire,” in collaboration with friends Morsy and Buck. While many of his past releases have boasted a disco / classic house influence, “Desire,” goes much heavier on a modern techno feel, yet still channels that classic-house energy that Rich Furniss has always embraced. Pulsing synths and punchy percussion combine to create the foundation of a gripping theme. The vocal samples come in and only amplify the energy that is already in motion. Striking a balance between seductive, dance-floor ready, and boasting excellent production/songwriting design, this single hits all the pleasure centers that house fan’s desire and DJs want in their toolbox. “Desire,” is already making its rounds in various DJ pool/pitching circuits and is experiencing well-above-average success.

Photo Credits: Mondtogrophy

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