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IMS Business Report 2023: tech house continues its dominance as the leading genre on Beatport

According to the latest edition of the IMS Business Report, findings have shown that the tech house genre is continuing to rise above the ranks, especially on Beatport

The time has come for the IMS Business Report to showcase its findings on trends in the industry once again, and the 2023 edition has shown some interesting facts and findings, especially when it comes to tech house. It’s not a secret that tech house has been, and continues to be, one of the industry’s favourite genres and has risen in the popularity ranks even more so these past few years. On Beatport specifically though, it has been the leading genre for the entirety of 2021 and 2022. 

IMS Business Report

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When looking at the tech house charts on Beatport as it currently stands, we see names such as Chris Lake, Vintage Culture, Dom Dolla, and MK all within the top 10, and its no coincidence that they are some of the artists that the scene is championing the most lately in terms of popularity and track support from others in the scene. The rise of tech house has been creeping up for years, and now we’re seeing the full force of its like-ability from both underground and mainstream music communities.

The IMS Business Report 2023 also details the rise and subsequent fall of other genres, showcasing which genres have fallen out of popularity. Interestingly, the top four genres contain techno or house (or some variant of the two genres) and certainly shows what today’s electronic music culture is like.

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