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Paul Oakenfold classic 2002 ‘Bunkka’ to receive first pressing on vinyl

Vinyl record collectors can rejoice at the news of a classic Paul Oakenfold album getting pressed to the format for the first time in its two-plus decades of existence. The English producer and DJ have built up a loyal and supportive fanbase over his years in the music industry, and this new release will certainly excite his followers.

First released back in 2002, it was released under the moniker “Oakenfold” as the producer had been producer under that moniker at the time, the release has endured well and is still his most successful album to date with sales surpassing the 1,000,000 mark worldwide.  Despite the release coming early in his career, Paul Oakenfold was already willing to buck popular trends and utilize sounds and styles that were uncommon in the scene.  Featuring special guests such as Perry Farrell, Ice Cube, Hunter S. Thompson, and Nelly Furtado, the album transcended traditional boundaries for producers and allow Oakenfold to explore his many passions and general love for music.

“I hope they realise that in any forms of music you need to push the boundaries. I’ve been inspired by all kinds of music, from hip-hop to guitars to dance, and hopefully the dance audience will understand that.”

Now over 20 years later, the album is still being discussed and revered for its fearlessness and merging of styles and genres. Paul Oakenfold certainly continued his ascent through the industry and can now look back two decades later and continue to celebrate this early masterpiece of his.  Available May 19th, the vinyl edition of Bunkka will showcase expanded artwork by the original team at Michael Nash Associates and photographer Matthew Donaldson, as well as get pressed on 180-gram vinyl.  To further commemorate the moment, the 12″ remix single Southern Sun, featuring mixes by Tiësto and Gabriel & Dresden, will be reissued on April 28th.

Be sure to grab a copy of Bunkka on vinyl for the first time every right here.

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