Porter Robinson Live 2022

Porter Robinson brings his live show to the Coachella stage: Watch

While new music from Porter Robinson is often few and far between as he carefully hones and shapes his recent productions, the American producer has spent the last two years on the road celebrating his 2021 album, Nurture.  After a string of dates earlier this year saw him traveling through Asia and Mexico with the latest iteration of his live set, he returned to the States to play on Coachella’s mainstage this past weekend.

With the full force of a live band, Porter Robinson is able to deliver new energy and spirit into his already heartfelt and lively productions, offering the Coachella crowd an excellent combination of live music meets dance beats.  Leaning heavily toward tracks from Nurture, Robinson, and the band create a sonic wall of sound that is beautiful, especially when combined with the eye-popping visuals curated to the music.  An early highlight came when the musicians went into Sad Machine, a fan favorite from Porter Robinson’s debut full-length album, the sprawling 2014 classic Worlds, which expanded upon the single’s already emotional sounds and words.

In the middle of the set, Robinson brought out his good pal Madeon for their fan-favorite collaboration, the 2016 single Shelter, delivering an envigorating live rendition that was beautiful both for the music as well as the moment the two producers were able to share from the stage.  The only time Porter Robinson looked back on his early dubstep era was when he delivered parts of his track Language mixed in with edits of new tracks, giving glimpses but never truly harkening back on his pre-Worlds work.

The evolution of Porter Robinson and his music is well-known to fans everywhere and the opportunity to showcase his show from the mainstage of Coachella is a testament to the power and versatility of his work throughout his career.

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