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R. Djordan returns with his seventh full length album, ‘1984’: Listen

The independent French producer, R. Djordan has spent the past decade showcasing his immense talents in the studio while releasing albums that take listeners through a sonic journey.  He now returns with his seventh album, a somewhat darker and grittier release as he dives into the dystopian world created by legendary author, George Orwell.

With 16 tracks and a compact run time of just 48 mins, R. Djordan wastes no time on this recent release, utilizing every second of music to convey his message of an Orwellian landscape on the aptly titled album, 1984.  While the theme is dark, the music offers a variety of sounds and emotions, keeping listeners engaged and providing a soundtrack to this dystopian world that is far less frightening than the actual themes that permeate throughout a world run by Big Brother.  The collection features R. Djordan’s long-time collaborator, Junior Souza providing work on the electric guitar, as well as Rubens Filho providing bass.  Greek singer Athina also makes an appearance on the album, as her vocal work shines on several tracks and offers a lightness and human touch to the production.

Listening to the album, the noticeable influence of fellow French producers, the robots of Daft Punk, shine through in the disco-influenced funk that also permeated throughout their final release, Random Access Memories.  R. Djordan finds influence and inspiration well beyond that of his own countryman, as he describes when talking about the creation process for 1984:

For the album intro, Aquarius, I immersed myself in the music of Eric Serra composed for the cult French movie ” the Big blue ” in the late 80s. There are also some Laidback tracks reminiscent of California sounds. Finally, for “movie soundtrack” tracks, I drew my inspiration from Japanese percussion instruments.
Regarding the cover, the graphic inspiration comes from the psychedelic, illusionist and abstract works of the 80s by the famous painter Victor Vasarely, a French artist of Hungarian origin who marked his era in Op Art.

Both thematically and sonically, 1984 is a brilliant triumph for R. Djordan.  Be sure to check out the album below.

Image Credit: Press Photo/ R. Djordan

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