Rockin Moroccin and Davide Ruberto

Rockin Moroccin & Davide Ruberto deliver new single ‘Sendeya’: Listen

Combining their years of experience in the music industry, Rockin Moroccin & Davide Ruberto have utilized their vast influences to create a new deep-house-influenced single full of African rhythms and energy.  Utilizing not just feeling and emotion, but also musicians from the continent of Africa, the duo has created a single that is authentic and rhythmic just in time for summer.

Leaning into the traditions of the Gnawa tribe, which originated in West Africa and migrated to Morocco, the term “sendeya” is an important part of their spirituality and culture for them, and refers to “the intersection of spiritual beliefs, musical traditions, and community identity.”  Rockin Moroccin and Davide Ruberto looked to expand upon this concept and create a track that embraced the concept of “sendeya” while also allowing their own backgrounds and more Western instruments to shine through the production:

‘For Sendeya I really wanted to create a Moroccan Afro house track but with a twist. Traditionally the main musical elements in Moroccan music are percussion and strings, but Davide and I wanted to try something different. We wanted to see if making the piano the main instrument in this track alongside traditional Moroccan tribal vocals could work… and it did to great effect. It’s a pleasure to be back on Get Physical and continue to evolve our vision together.’

Released via Get Physical Music, Sendeya is an emotional and contemplative musical journey, allowing the listener to get lost in its rhythms while appreciating the honesty and authenticity of the producer’s decision to utilize singers from the Gnawa tribe on the track.  Over the course of the nearly seven-minute run-time, the music ebbs and flows, invoking the concept of nature and wide open spaces, making it a sonic journey that certainly transcends traditional dance music while encapsulating the vision and talent of Rockin Moroccin and Davide Ruberto.


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