SHAYSOVA delivers future rave anthem ‘Better Than This’: Listen

With a sound and style that is built for the world of dance music, SHAYSOVA is continuing to build her resume and release tracks that resonate with audiences all around the world.  For her latest single, she has crafted a perfect electro, big room style production complete with an infectious topline that is sure to make an impact in the club and on radio and playlists everywhere.

Out now via Soundrive, formerly known as UFO Recordz, SHAYSOVA showcases her natural talent both in the studio and behind the DJ booth, as she has crafted a single that certainly hits all the marks of a dance music classic.  Featuring an instantly memorable male vocal, the music sits back at first, allowing the vocals to take over and draw listeners in with the infectious melody and lyrics.  While the vocal is never overshadowed by the music, SHAYSOVA gives both the proper space to impact listeners on an emotional and physical level all at once.

The smooth topline provides a singalong-ready anthem that will surely make an impact both on the dancefloor as well as on radio and playlists all around the world.  While the vocal, along with the heart-tugging line, “Can we do better than this?” will surely make an impact on listeners, the music is the ultimate star of the show here.  With SHAYSOVA slowly building anticipation throughout the first verse, she does not let listeners down as she unloads the full power of her production skills on the listeners immediately after the hook, teasing 15 seconds of the hook before bringing the second verse back in.  This push and pull with the energy keeps the anticipation high and makes the release of the final drop all the more satisfying.

Be sure to check out the latest single from SHAYSOVA now as she continues to make her mark on the music industry!

Image Credit: SHAYSOVA (Press) / Provided by Soundrive PR

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