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Showtek draw listeners into a state of euphoria with mesmerizing single ‘Happy’: Listen

The legends known as Showtek are clearly not slowing down anytime soon as they release an energizing, yet emotive single “Happy.” With the anticipation building for their forthcoming album, the Dutch duo are providing a little taste of what is to come around ADE 2023.

There is no denying Showtek are absolute legends in the music industry. With an ever-evolving sound like no other, Dutch duo Showtek have paved their legacy since their establishment in 2001. With tracks like ‘Bad’ featuring VASSY and David Guetta, Showtek have proven themselves as deserving of the title. After releasing the Ookay-assisted banger ‘BT1’, the duo is back with ‘Happy’.

With an emotive flair and mesmerizing sound design, soothing vocals flow immaculately with an enticing bassline. With kick drums and solidified groove to the single, Showtek’s “Happy” are about to bring smiles to their fans across the world. With the excitement in the air for the album and a certified dance-floor ready tune, Showtek shares:

“We as Showtek want to cover each spectrum of our musical influence, but also mood-wise. Happy is a cheerful and sad song at the same time. This vocal melody and topic resonate with us individually, but it can also change your mood when you listen to it. We added elements of 90’s house music and early 2000 trance throwbacks to create a more nostalgic sense. We always aim to touch people’s senses when we produce and write music. We will do the same in our video which will be filmed with an authentic 90’s VHS camera.”

Listen to the energetic track below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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