Spacey Gray

Spacey Gray continues strong 2023 output with new single ‘Stardust 3000’: Listen

Building upon a long history both in the DJ booth as well as the producer’s seat, Australian musician Spacey Gray comes prepared with a wealth of experience that shines through in his output.  Although it is still relatively early in 2023, he has wasted no time in delivering new music out into the world, and has already released his third single of the year before March has even come to a close.

With the release of his latest single, the sprawling six-minute musical journey, Stardust 3000, Spacey Gray further explores the boundaries of sound and composition, creating a track that certainly belongs in the clubs, blasting from the speakers in the wee hours of the morning, but also allows listeners to digest the track on their own terms, getting lost in the transitions and orchestrations throughout.  The single wastes no time introducing itself as it opens with a breakbeat percussive rhythm that drives it forward without feeling aggressive.  From here, the Australian producer adds subtle touches of pads and leads, slowly building like a wave softly crashing onto the shore, full of energy yet oddly soothing all at once.

While the percussion continues to push forward, only being interrupted by various measures of filtering, the music continues to ebb and flow, never straying too far from its focal point, but nonetheless bringing the listener along on a sonic journey.  Nearly four minutes in, Spacey Gray opts to remove the percussion, giving way to a wall of synths that transform the energy and give pause before the breakbeat is reintroduced.  The final two minutes complete the journey, and a heavily distorted voice cuts through with about 30 seconds left in the track, instructing listeners to “remove all distractions,” before the music concludes.

With much of 2023 still left to go, Spacey Gray seems set to continue to provide fans with new productions to groove to, and Stardust 3000 is another strong chapter in his music al saga.

Image Credit: Spacey Gray / Provided by UFO Network

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