Spag Heddy

Spag Heddy releases new addictive dubstep record ‘Sorry’ & announce debut album: Listen

Dubstep mainstay Spag Heddy says “sorry” to his fans with a new cheeky melodic single in addition to announcing his forthcoming debut album ‘The Noodle Effect’.

Dutch-born and Spain-based dubstep mainstay Spag Heddy gives listeners a small taste of his forthcoming debut album with the release of its first single from the LP, Sorry’ out now via Spag’s very own independent Tomato Bass imprint. The track sets the tone for The Noodle Effect’ (the album is set for its release on June 16th this year) while also serving as a heartfelt apology to his fans for releasing the album late, which was intended to be released in 2022.

We bet that Spag Heddy will be quickly forgiven, though, as ‘Sorry’ is a nostalgic sonic journey that brings out the best of Spag’s “low key” style dubstep, with distorted melodies and vocals over a slow, driving bassline and stabbing mechanical synths and a small dose of cheekiness, This track is the first of 15 brand new tracks on ‘The Noodle Effect’, which tells us that pasta-moniker is going to make it one-hundred percent worth waiting for, so keep an eye out for more announcements.

But wait! There’s more. 15 brand-new tracks on ‘The Noodle Effect’ is not Spag Heddy’s final word. We can confirm that a Deluxe Version of the album is also in production, on which you’ll find more fresh originals from Spag as well as remixes from other artists.

Listen to the track here.



Image Credit: Sean Ireland / Provided by Unfolded PR