Steve Aoki & 3LAU pres. PUNX

Steve Aoki & 3LAU team up for new alias PUNX announce first single ‘Concentrate’: Listen

Steve Aoki and 3LAU usher in a new era of sound and sight with PUNX project, allowing fans ownership of new single ‘Concentrate’.

Successful producers and DJs Steve Aoki and 3LAU find themselves as juggernauts within the music industry and the Metaverse, garnering billions of streams on Spotify and leading the charge in the scene of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Both artists are now combining their multi-talent skills by teaming up on what they call an “audio-visual IRL-meets-metaverse supergroup” when they debut PUNX with the project’s first single ‘Concentrate’, ushering in a new era of sound and sight.

Releasing this Friday, April 28th, this new audio and visual art will enlist music rights marketplace Royal in a process of accessibility, allowing the purchase of tokens in exchange for a percentage of ownership of the song. 50% of the song will be sold, allowing owners to make financial gains from the song royalties to 99 people, having each holder will own 0.5% of the song. Token holders among the newly formed web3 ID, CryptoPunks as well as A0K1VERSE Passport, and 3LAU will all be given the opportunity to enter a draw to receive one of 99 tokens available. Discussing this new venture and supergroup both Steve Aoki and 3LAU commented:

It’s incredible to be at the center of this evolution, not only building community, but giving back to it directly. – We’re able to feed the ecosystem and merge the fans with the artists in a way that was thought impossible until recently.”  – Steve Aoki

Releasing Concentrate as part of PUNX is a major moment for us. It offers our earliest supporters & believers a unique opportunity to co-own the song with me and Aoki. By launching the PUNX project on Royal, we’re not only pushing creative boundaries, we’re also empowering our community to be a part of our journey and share in our success from day one. It’s a new era for music, and I’m proud to be at the forefront of this exciting movement. – 3LAU

Fans eager to get their hands on one of these highly sought-after tokens have until May 3rd at 5PM ET to enter the draw, which as long as they are a member of CryptoPunks, A0K1VERSE Passport, or 3LAU can do so via the link here.


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