Tensteps continues to build towards album release with new single, ‘Don’t Want It To End’, listen

Tensteps has been impacting the trance music scene ever since he exploded onto the scene with his massive collaboration alongside Standerwick and NOHC, the 2019 Armada Music single, This Letter.  Fast forward a few years, and his productions and impact on the stage have made him one of the fastest-rising stars in the trance music scene.

Since that moment, he has become a staple of Andrew Rayel’s Find Your Harmony label, even releasing the single Carry You Home alongside the label boss, and spending the first half of 2023 opening up for Rayel on his Lifeline North American Tour.  The experience has only helped hone his already incredible talent and prepared him to put together his upcoming debut album on Find Your Harmony.  The release was first teased a few weeks ago as Tensteps released his second single with singer Linney, Broken Ones.  Now he continues his album rollout with what may be his catchiest release to date, the infectious new single, Don’t Want This To End featuring SGNLS, a trance track with a topline that is almost dangerously infectious.

This felt like the perfect second single for my upcoming album.  It is one of the catchiest songs I have ever made and still maintains the trance production and direction that has always defined me as an artist.

Opening with a heavy-hitting layer of synths and percussion, the track immediately grabs the attention of listeners before the smooth vocal line of SGNLS comes in, providing the perfect balance to the pounding rhythms.  By the time the chorus rolls around, and the refrain of “Round and round we go again, but we don’t want it to ever end,” shines through, it is impossible to not start humming along to the melody.  The vocal continues as the track builds before releasing to a massive drop section that overtakes the listener and carries them to the ultimate highs that trance and music in general often promise but sometimes struggle to deliver.

Tensteps will be dropping his debut album later this year, but Don’t Want It To End surely is the perfect way to describe the euphoric feeling that the single offers.

Image Credit: Tensteps/ Press Photo

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