Trap and Bass Essentials Vol. 13 featuring Borgore, Rich Delinquent, & more

As we approach festival season this summer, there is no better way to celebrate and get hyped up than to showcase a few of the very best and brightest in the trap and bass scene. We Rave You presents our thirteenth edition of Trap and Bass Essentials featuring Borgore, Rich Delinquent, Josh Rubin, Highlnd, nøll, SadBois, and Caslow.

There is denying the summer season is approaching fast as the sun is coming out and not to mention all the new heat in terms of music getting released consistently. What better way to celebrate the festival season approaching than releasing our thirteenth edition of Trap and Bass Essentials featuring the icons Borgore, Rich Delinquent, Josh Rubin, Highlnd, nøll, SadBois, and Caslow. Rinsing out those new tunes and igniting those festivals across the world, check out the newest releases below and be sure to update your playlists.

Globally recognized as a legend in the dubstep, bass, and hip-hop scene, Borgore has continued to make his mark and dominate the industry one bass-fueled beat at a time. Stopping over in Vancouver, Canada for his legendary headline show at The Red Room, the venue has been a staple in the Vancouver live music and nightlife scene for over 15 years now. Since the late 80s, the venue space has been a nightclub and it’s been a family-run business that has been owned and operated for close to 40 years now. The venue’s open floor plan features Vancouver’s first state-of-the-art PK SOUND system, world-class Intelligent lighting, and wonderful sight lines. With fans making their way to the venue for this legendary sold-out show and welcoming Borgore back to Canada, the amount of energy right from the start was truly epic. With Borgore playing a fury of dubstep which sounded insane on the PK SOUND speakers, the ever-evolving artist rinsed out both classics and unreleased gems for the masses. Absolutely destroying the dancefloor in the hardest way possible, tunes such as Cajama’s remix of Borgore’s very own single known as ‘Way Up’ with Tima Dee definitely blew the crowd away and not to mention those destructive tunes we all need in our lives. A legend indeed who did not disappoint, be sure to check out Borgore’s latest tune and the official remixes for ‘Way Up’ with Tima Dee below.



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 Rich Delinquent– XOXO” feat. Benny Mayne

Rich Delinquent is one of the most prolific songwriters and artists around. He’s a true triple threat, writing, singing, and producing each song and infusing them with gripping storylines, each time offering listeners a hit of the beautiful drug that is Rich Delinquent. He’s fresh off a string of successful singles, including “1800ifuckedup with Bobby Raps’ ‘ and now he’s back with a vindictive single, “XOXO” with another rising star, Benny Mayne. Benny has established himself as a veteran writer – penning hits behind the scenes for Blackbear and G-Eazy, making this collaboration all the more compelling between these two rising stars. Rich Delinquent shares that it’s “all about heartbreak and vengeance”. He lays the groundwork with entrancing melodies, crisp hip-hop drum patterns, and an eerie organ chord progression that sets the tone for this vindictive track. Both Rich & Benny provide invigorating vocal performances that showcase just how dynamic of a team they make.

Josh Rubin, Highlnd & nøll – “Don’t Want to Feel” 

Josh Rubin, singer-songwriter and producer teams up with producers Highlnd and nøll to release the first single ‘Don’t Want To Feel’ off of Josh Rubin’s EP ‘Playing with Fire’ with NCS. Josh Rubin says “This song is basically me trying to explain to someone why I’ve become so emotionally crippled. I’m very aware of some of the mistakes I often make in a relationship, but sometimes I feel like I’m conditioned to think and act that way based on past heartbreak that it’s almost impossible to break free of it. It sometimes seems easier to just be alone. At some point, I became so jaded to the idea of love and romance that I almost felt numb to an extent.” Josh Rubin says “Highlnd and nøll have grown into good friends since we dropped our first record together. Funny how music seems to unite us all. I moved out to LA last summer and they are both here too so it’s great that we can get more in-person sessions now. I’m grateful that they helped bring my vision to life with Don’t Want To Feel. They are 2 incredible talents and I know they are destined to do great things. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in NCS, they are at the forefront of dance music from the label side and they couldn’t be more helpful and supportive as I take this next step in my career. I am so grateful to be able to continuously break boundaries with my friend Highlnd and nøll. I’m so excited to share with you the first single Don’t Want To Feel off of my 4 track EP Playing with Fire. Highlnd says “It’s been awesome working with Josh and Alvin on a song for his (Josh) project. I’m proud of the track we made and it always feels so easy and authentic writing with him.”

SadBois & Caslow – “In Love” feat. Micah Martin

Fueled by their passion for both rock music and melodic bass, SadBois is back with their brand-new single, “In Love”. Teaming up with innovative duo Caslow and renowned artist Micah Martin, this track immediately draws in listeners with chilling lyrics and a beautiful acoustic guitar melody. As Micah continues to pour his heart and soul into his vocals, an invigorating rock beat takes center stage. The beat encompasses layers of heavy percussion and plenty of guitar shredding, leading seamlessly into the first buildup. When “In Love” reaches its climax, an emphatic wave of melodic bass splashes down while blending euphorically with the rock-based soundscapes. Throughout the rest of the track, SadBois and Caslow weave in hypnotic effects and another breathtaking drop at its end. Beyond its auditory magnetism, “In Love” dives into the emotion that comes with having a deep love for someone or something, yet knowing it can never be. Its powerful storytelling from Micah and captivating instrumental combine into an introspective song that a wide spectrum of music fans can resonate with.

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