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UK is home to the worlds most loved clubs, according to new study

A new study conducted by DJ Tech Reviews has found that the UK is home to the worlds most loved clubs according to date taken and analysed from social media.

Printworks, fabric, Ministry of Sound, the list goes on. Everyone knows that the UK is home to some of the most iconic clubs in the scene, but now a new study has shown that it is officially home to the worlds most loved clubs, too, as found out by a study conducted by DJ Tech Reviews. How exactly did they find this out though? The website took some of the biggest names in the club scene and analysed their results based on Instagram posts, TikTok views, Instagram followings, Google reviews score and the increase in Google searches to determine a list of the very best, and the top two alone are both from the UK.

With this data, they found that Warehouse Project in Manchester – the seasonal-based pop up club which typically runs from September to New Year’s Day at its peak – has come out on top with a score of 8.31 out of 10 overall. Garnering over 81 million TikTok views, 277,000 Instagram followers, a 4.5/5 Google review score and a massive 105% increase of Google searches from 2019, this has put it straight at the top spot, and it isn’t the first time either. Printworks in London (which is soon to be sadly closed) came up second with an overall score of 8.27. nipping at the heels of Warehouse Project, with Ushuaïa Ibiza coming in third with a score of 7.59 and the most amount of TikTok views (101,800,000) in the top 10 list. In terms of other UK clubs, fabric also makes the top 10 spot, coming in at No.6 on the list with a score of 6.34.

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The UK and Ibiza are tied for most representation on the list, each having three different clubs in the top 10 (for the UK its the aforementioned Warehouse Project, Printworks, and fabric and for Ibiza its Ushuaïa, Pacha, and Amnesia). Overall, they also analysed the best performing clubs for each socials, as follows:

  • Most popular on TikTok: Ushuaïa Ibiza, Spain
  • Most followed on Instagram: elrow, Barcelona
  • Most popular on Instagram: Omnia, Las Vegas
  • Best reviewed club: Laroc, Brazil
  • Most searched-for club: Printworks, UK
  • Biggest popularity increase: Ushuaïa Ibiza, Spain
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Image credit: DJ Tech Reviews

In terms of music venues, Madison Square Garden is the most loved with 650 million TikTok views and 461,000 followers on Instagram, earning a total venue score of 8.38. Following shortly behind to make up the top three are Red Rocks (8.18) and the Sydney Opera House (8.11).

To see the full extensive report which showcases the true popularity of UK clubs and also data such as popular music venues by country, click here.


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