ANNA shares ‘Intentions’, her debut ambient electronic studio album: Listen

‘Intentions‘ is a sonic spiritual journey of transformation that ANNA invites everyone to take.

The growth of an artist never ends, just like the growth of our being. It is on this design of metamorphosis that ANNA shares with the world her debut ambient electronic studio album. ‘Intentions’ is available now for streaming and download on all major platforms, via Mercury KX.

‘Intentions’ is a debut from ANNA on several levels. This album is not only a gateway to a new musical facet of the Brazilian artist but also represents ANNA’s entry into the Mercury KX family, home to other inspiring acts such as Ólafur Arnalds, Isobel Waller-bridge and Erland Cooper.

‘Intentions’ is a journey. It is the result of ANNA’s self-realisation, of a quest into herself. For some time now, the celebrated producer and DJ has embraced her spirituality and been learning to work on it through music. As well as a spiritual and meditative practice, ANNA does transcendental meditation, Vipassana training and shamanic energy healing. Adopting a more contemplative and love-centred lifestyle, the Brazilian artist has found a new way to express her creativity and musicality. ‘Intentions’ is the tangible way ANNA has created to share this spiritual journey with her fans.

ANNA has, musically, always been associated with techno. That will not change, but strengthen itself with yet another musical facet. ANNA is now also synonymous with healing and ambient music. Her renewed vision of the world is transcribed into music on this debut ambient album, on each of the seven tracks of ‘Intentions’. About the LP, ANNA explains:

“I’m a conduit in the creation of this album. I observed its formation, how the right energies and inputs and people enriched it for greater texture and meaning. But – ‘Intentions’ has its own aura, its own will on how it wants to be expressed in the world. Including how you – yes, you – uniquely receive it”

When she announced the album, ANNA shared ‘Receiving‘ featuring ambient pioneer Laraaji. Now you can enjoy the album in full. The LP portrays an expansive soundscape merging sound healing techniques, dance-leaning beats, binaural beats, flute and synths. It is an emotional and trans-corporeal album in which each track encapsulates an emotion. Accompanying the album comes a special listening guide produced by ANNA, intended as a portal to take in each of the extracts from ‘Intentions’. This is an album where ANNA combines her spiritual side with her electronic music side. Enter the journey.

Image Credit: Denis Boulze / Provided by Universal Music Group