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Apple Music and Apple Maps launch new live events discovery tools

Apple has rolled out a new feature on Apple Maps and Apple Music that will make it easier for people to find concerts near them.

Silicon-valley based tech company Apple recently announced new live music discovery features that will be available on both Apple Music and Apple Maps. The company stated that its team created these tools to help create the opportunity for users to meet with their favorite artists. Apple Music will have playlists tied to artists’ set lists for their tours, while Apple Maps will see city-specific music guides featuring curated concert venue lists.

Set Lists, the new feature on Apple Music, will shine light on some of the major artist tours by letting fans listen to setlists, read about the productions and also provide links to buy tickets to their upcoming shows. This feature rivals Spotify’s Live Events tool and TikTok’s live events feature, which also offer a similar interface where users can view and purchase tickets to upcoming artist shows. Apple Music’s Set Lists feature is currently available to use. 

Music Guides, the new feature on Apple Maps, will consist of 40 new Guides highlighting some of the best venues for live music in a select amount of leading culture hubs in the world. The feature allows users to browse upcoming shows and buy tickets for specific venues on the app. These music guides can be used broadly such as finding some of the best dance clubs in cities or be more specific such as finding the best techno clubs in New York City. Apple Maps’ Music Guides feature is currently available to use in 14 major cities worldwide.  

Apple’s concert music discovery features come as concert-goers continue to spend on live music experiences post-pandemic, creating record profits for companies such as Live Nation. As companies continue to explore new ways to capitalize on the live events market, features such as Set Lists and Music Guides will continue to emerge.  

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