ATB hit ‘9 PM (Til I Come)’ climbs Beatport charts 24 years after release

While the explosion of dance music to the forefront of culture and the pop charts didn’t occur until the second decade of the 21st century, pioneers like ATB had been building the groundwork for the scene for many years prior. Despite its release in 1998, one of his classic singles is now once again climbing the charts as fans around the world continue to discover the tracks that serve as the foundation for the modern-day music scene.

When ATB initially release 9 PM (Til I Come), Bill Clinton was still in the White House and the world was preparing for the possible horrors of a new millennium as many were unsure of how the global computer systems would respond to Y2K. While the music charts were dedicated to pop music and nu-metal acts at the time, dance music producers were content to create anthems that spoke to an audience that had its own scene and inhabited raves, unconcerned about the Billboard charts and TRL rankings of the day. Although trance music has largely evolved in the 25 years since its release, ( PM (Til I Come) still serves as an essential building block and release for the genre, with its hypnotic rhythms and sensual vocal lines.

Upon its initial release, ATB peaked at the number 14 spot on the German Singles Chart and even held the number one spot on in the UK in July of 1999, becoming the first trance single to achieve that honor. The singles’ continued influence has been felt in recent years, as the producer Topic created a remake of the single in 2021 featuring the singer A7S, as well as a remix of the remake by the one and only Tiësto. With this enduring success and inspiration, 9 PM (Til I Come) once again finds itself climbing the Beatport Top 100 Trance charts as fans new and old continue to revisit this ATB classic.

Image Credit: Kontor

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