Interview: Bassjackers talk massive return to Musical Freedom, remaking a legendary classic & more

We are filled with creativity and excitement and have been making more music than ever,” Bassjackers tell We Rave You, when we caught up with them to talk full circle moments, remaking classic anthems, and much more.

For Bassjackers, the duo consisting of Marlon Flohr and Ralph van Hilst, they’re experiencing a massive full circle moment currently. Fans will remember one of their breakout hits ‘Mush, Mush‘ released on Musical Freedom in 2011. A life-changing, career-defining moment for them, they now return to their roots, back to Musical Freedom with one of their most special releases yet: a remake of Tiësto’s legendary ‘Traffic.’ Speaking about this and what else 2023 may hold for them, we caught up with them for a chat.


Hey guys, thank you for joining us! First of all, congratulations on what has been a massively productive and successful year so far. How have you both personally found it?

 “Thank you! It’s been an amazing year for us, it feels great to be back. We are filled with creativity and excitement and have been making more music than ever!”

 Speaking of it being a successful year, we have to talk about your latest release ‘Traffic,’ which is a remake of Tiësto’s classic of the same name. Did it feel daunting to take on such a beloved track? How does the creation process differ when creating a remake rather than a complete original from scratch?

Taking on such a legendary track was not easy but we were super stoked to give it a shot. When working on a remake, we aimed to honor the original while adding our own Bassjackers flavor to it. We aimed to maintain the essence of the classic tune while infusing it with a fresh, high-energy sound!”


Image credit: Bennett Sell-Kline

 Not only that, it also marks a massive return to the Musical Freedom label for you guys, since one of your first releases ‘Mush, Mush’ was also released there. How does it feel to be back on the Musical Freedom roster again?

 “It feels good to be back on Musical Freedom! It’s like coming full circle, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to work with such a supportive and forward-thinking label again.”

 Tell us the story of how you guys reconnected with Musical Freedom and what it was like to get Tiësto’s blessing to both remake the track and release it on his label.

“Of course, we go way back with Musical Freedom and Tiësto, so when the idea of remaking ‘Traffic’ came up, it was only natural to reach out to them. Tiësto was super supportive and gave us his blessing to proceed with the project. It is an honour to have his trust and support for our interpretation of his classic track.”

 Aside from this incredible comeback, you’ve also got many more exciting releases in the pipeline that you’ve been teasing. What else does 2023 look like for Bassjackers in terms of releases? What can fans expect?

 “2023 is going to be a massive year for us in terms of releases! You can expect a lot of new music, including some fresh collaborations, remixes, high energy club bangers, and even a few more radio friendly things like our recent release ‘Wrong or Right’ so stay tuned!”


Image credit: Alive Coverage

It’s not just releases keeping you both busy this year, as you’re in the midst of a busy touring schedule and summer hasn’t even started yet. Are there any performances that you’ve particularly been proud of this year so far, and any that you’re especially looking forward to?

 “We’ve had some amazing shows this year already, just came off a big USA tour. We’re really looking forward to playing the festivals again. Especially stoked for Tomorrowland as that is always such an incredible experience.”

 Finally, what else does 2023 hold in store for Bassjackers? What can we expect in a nutshell?

 “2023 is going to be a year full of new music, a lot of shows, and to keep growing as artists. We’re excited to connect with our fans, try out new ideas and exploring new sounds. Thank you for your support, and we can’t wait to see you on the dance floor!”

‘Traffic’ by Bassjackers is out now, and you can listen to it below.

Main image credit: Kasimir Szekeres

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