Blacklist Festival

Blacklist is back to Bootshaus with Hedex, Marauda, Snails, Hol!, Automhate & more

Find redemption in another powerful Blacklist signature bass rave at Bootshaus.

Bootshaus is once again the epicentre of bass music with Blacklist Redemption. “Only by facing our demons we can truly find redemption. We rise, reborn and redeemed.” This is the motto of another unmissable Blacklist party at Bootshaus. Last March this prestigious events brand brought Blacklist Reincarnation to Bootshaus’ three rooms for a massive rave. Now the saga continues to bring Blacklist Redemption to life.

Scheduled for next Friday, May 19, this event promises to raise the pace to adrenergic levels. The main event starts at 10 pm and runs until the early hours, but there’s more. For the first time ever, Bootshaus will be hosting the 360º pre-party. Blacklist soldiers will be able to gather from 8 pm to 10 pm for a unique experience that will feature a 360º set by Sekula. Drinks will be at a 50% price reduction too. Access to the pre-party is reserved for ticketholders, who will need to purchase an additional ticket for €5. The event is already 90% sold out, so you are advised to run to the ticket office here.

Blacklist Redemption

As usual, and to make room for the Blacklist’s huge legion of fans, the night stretches across Bootshaus’ three rooms with a lineup to make the floor shake. Taking over the Mainfloor will be heavyweights such as Hedex, Marauda, Snails, Muerte, Badfella, and Sekula. Challenging the BLCKBX soundsystem will be Hol!, Hekler, Akirah, Subfiltronik, and Autodrive. In the charismatic Dreherei, the rhythm will be in charge of Automhate, Blacksite, Daeya, Hukae, Killin’void, Lib’, and Unisixn.

Can you survive all this power? Blacklist parties are always memorable and this one promises to be huge. Brace yourself for the most powerful sounds.


Image Credit: Bootshaus