Cash Cash

Cash Cash addresses mental health on new single ‘Bleach (move on)’: Listen

Multi-platinum chart-topping trio Cash Cash addresses mental health on an inspiring new dance/pop crossover track entitled ‘Bleach (move on)’, with JP on vocals for the first time ever.  The song is out now on Ultra Records and Sony Music.

After their release from January,Anyway, featuring RuthAnne, preceded by an almost two-year hiatus, the platinum trio Cash Cash, consisting of Jean Paul Maklouf, Alex Maklouf, and their lifelong friend Samuel Frisch, are back with their deeply personal and yet hopeful new single ‘Bleach (move on)’. The song is a unique fusion of emo-alt and electronic dance music, unusual and yet well-executed by the veteran electronic group.

With angsty, soulful vocals belting out lyrics about mental health struggles, ‘Bleach (move on)’ starts out like an alt-pop song from the early aughts, but Cash Cash quickly weaves in their signature sound with the track’s upbeat progressive style during its chorus and interludes. Jean-Paul, who sings on a Cash Cash’s record for the very first time, Alex and Samuel bear their hearts through this relevant and heartfelt sonic confession, one that will be a hit on the radio and during the summer festival season. ‘Bleach (move on)’ is Cash Cash’s second release on Ultra Records/Sony Music after signing to the label in 2022.

“We once heard someone says: ‘Your problems are like holding a glass of water; it’s easy if you only hold on to it for a little as your arm is barely affected. If you hold on to it all day and night, your arm will eventually become very sore, throbbing, and numb, barely able to hold the glass” , says the group.

Listen to their new single here.


Image Credit: Cash Cash (Press) / Provided by Unfolded PR