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Daft Punk to premiere ‘Infinity Repeating’ through interactive pop-up

While they are no longer officially together, the robots of Daft Punk are still able to dominate headlines with everything they do as they approach the release of the 10-year anniversary edition of their final album, Random Access Memories. The new release will feature nine previously unheard demos and studio outtakes from the recording of the album and the duo is taking on a unique approach to debut some of the remaining tracks.

Last week, users noticed that Spotify added coordinates to the visualizer for Daft Punk tracks. Users quickly did their due diligence and determined the locations of the various coordinates which pointed to cities all around the world. With the impending full release of the 10-year anniversary edition of Random Access Memories this week, it seems the robots wanted to give fans a fun chance to experience the new music in unique settings. One set of coordinates pointed to Paris, France, where we now know that fans will be able to hear a snippet of a new track featuring the Strokes’ frontman, Julian Casablancas. Casablancas of course featured on the original album, delivering a beautiful vocal for the fifth track, Instant Crush.

As for fans in Paris, they will get to experience the previously unreleased track, Infinity Repeating, a 2013 demo, at the Pompidou Center in Paris. Fans who make it to the venue will get to hear a 30-second snippet of the track through an ultra-high fidelity sound system, while also showing a glimpse of the upcoming music video. The pop-up audio experience comes just a day before the release of the full album and new tracks on May 12th, 2023, and continues to showcase the ability of Daft Punk to innovate and connect with their global legions of followers despite their often limited direct contact and interaction.


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