DANNIC & Roc Dubloc

Dannic & Roc Dubloc team up for new single ‘Put ‘M’ Up’: Listen

With festival season in full effect around the world, Dannic and Rob Dubloc have released a new single that is sure to be a go-to drop from stages around the world this summer. Full of massive energy and driving percussion and production, the two producers have crafted a single built for the festival and club stages around the globe.

For Dutch producer Dannic, he continues his massive assault upon electronic music, this time teaming up with Israeli producer Roc Dubloc for this latest festival-ready anthem. Out now via Nicky Romero’s illustrious Protocol Recordings, Put ‘M Up is pure festival-level energy throughout its two-and-half minutes of music. Opening up with a dark vocal sample, the track leads into a crescendo of vocals and percussion, building to its natural initial release of pure progressive house energy within the first thirty seconds of music. As the song powers forward, the the energy gives way for a short time before the one-minute mark but continues to build again, complete with the initial vocal sample, providing guiding energy to the hard-hitting musical foundation.

By the time the second drop hits around the two-minute mark, the track holds nothing back, showcasing the full force of the collaborative energy of Dannic and Roc Dubloc, crafting a festival anthem worthy of mainstages around the globe. While Dannic continues to build upon his already impressive resume, including many high-profile appearances alongside fellow countryman Hardwell, Put ‘M Up showcases why he has earned these incredible performance slots, continuing to craft tracks that will resonate with audiences around the world. As for Roc Dubloc, the Israeli producer is continuing to showcase his own penchant for dance floor anthems and hard-hitting productions.

While Put ‘M Up is still a fresh single for many dance music fans around the world, it is sure to be a staple of playlists and live sets in throughout the summer thanks to its pulsing energy! Check out the new single from Dannic and Roc Dubloc below.


Image Credit: Dannic (Press) / Roc Dubloc (Press), Courtesy of ATISUTO

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