Eric Prydz HOLO Tomorrowland 2022

Eric Prydz reveals new title of another HOLO ID track: Watch

Eric Prydz has just revealed the new track name for yet another HOLO ID entitled ‘Of Me’.

The world is still in awe over Prydz’s latest installment of his iconic and captivating HOLO performance, which has been chock full of IDs, we knew that it was only a matter of time before he started naming names of these incredible tracks.

In a post dedicated to promoting his next performance at Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Prydz was tight-lipped on the content of that particular show, more importantly, on what would be his newest revelation of an ID.  The performance featured an astronaut reaching his hand across the stage and out into the crowd to the song, which was later revealed a Pryda track entitled ‘Of Me’.  This track announcement comes just after he ID’d a Cirez C song called ‘Night Vision‘, last month.

‘Of Me’ draws perfectly on the notion of being in another world and from the quick snippet (which you can watch here), it’s apparent that the visuals match seamlessly with the overall emotional tone of ‘Of Me’.  As the synths linger above air for a few bars, Prydz does an effortless job bringing us back to earth with an unforgiving progressive and hard-hitting melody.

We can’t wait to see what other HOLO ID he unveils next!


Image Credit: Tomorrowland