Flume releases second archival album ‘Arrived Anxious, Left Bored’: Listen

Australian producer Flume is known for his incredible studio work and pristine productions.  While he has achieved global success thanks to his three stellar studio albums, he has spent this year cleaning out his production archives and sharing past unreleased material with the world.

While his single, Never Be Like You made him a household name thanks to the infectious vocal melodies of singer Kai, his productions have inspired millions of new and upcoming producers for his impeccable sound design.  Although his third album, Palaces, was just released last year, he opted to start 2023 by celebrating a decade since he released his debut album.  To commemorate the occasion, he shared a mixtape titled Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Planned, offering fans a look at some of his other creations over the years throughout his career.

It seems that there is plenty more left in the vault, as Flume has surprise-released a second album of ten tracks that span between 2015 and 2020.  The Arrived Anxious, Left Bored mixtape is now available on streaming services and arrives just two days before his headline show at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles on May 5th.  The new mixtape features album artwork showcasing a crowded desktop full of icons, most of them appearing to be sound files, indicating that Flume has certainly been busy in the studio throughout the years, even if fans don’t get to hear much of the works.

Taking to social media, the Australian producer shared a quick comment on the project, “Ten tracks, that never found a home, but i felt they deserved a place in the world.  I hope they make you feel something :)”  Like all of his catalog, the tracks are diverse but expertly crafted, showcasing both the attention to songwriting as well as sound design and production, a subtle reminder that even the tracks that don’t make his albums absolutely deserve a place in this world!

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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