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Fred again.. & Brian Eno join forces on stunning ambient album ‘Secret Life’: Listen

Released on Four Tet‘s record label Text Records, Fred again.. and Brian Eno have joined forces to release a full length, fully ambient album titled ‘Secret Life.’ “Making this was I think the most therapeutic experience ive had in music,” Fred explains.

As many will know, Fred again.. and Brian Eno have been closely working together ever since Fred was a teenager. Being a mentor to Fred, the pair have worked together in multiple ways as Fred’s career have developed, and this is the first project of its kind where the pair are coming together in a capacity like this. Following Fred again..’s October album ‘Actual Life 3‘ and Eno’s ‘FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE‘ released last October, ‘Secret Life’ sees the full capabilities of Fred again.. and Brian Eno come to the forefront.

At first, the contents of ‘Secret Life’ may surprise fans of the ‘Baby again..‘ producer who are used to his house-fueled, dance records, but it does a great job of showcasing how much of a musical chameleon he is, being able to blend his skills to fit the vibe of whatever he’s working on. Both Fred again.. and Brian Eno have brought their own strengths to this project, with Fred’s vocal chops and love for implementing everyday conversations and snippets of life into his work, and Eno’s unmatchable ear for swirling soundscapes and masterful producing that has built up over years and years, of a career that has insofar been impressive to say the least.

‘Secret Life’ is certainly not a dance record, and not one to be played in the clubs, but Fred again.. fans should not dismiss it straight away. Instead, its a record to fully zone out to, an ambient piece of work.

Listen to ‘Secret Life’ below, and grab a copy of the album on vinyl and CD here.


Image Credit: Fred Again.. / Provided by Outside Organisation

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