Fredrick releases debut single ‘The River’ on FMU Records; listen

Many artists find the need to expand beyond the confines of their current projects and expectations of their previous works to explore new sounds and genres.  Jono Schnell, better known as Quix, has decided it is now time to step beyond his current success and create a new project to explore the sounds of drum and bass.

While the New Zealand producer Quix has made a name for himself as a prominent trap producer, he wants to explore other sounds and genres and is now preparing to share his musical alter ego, Fredrick with the world.  Leaning into a drum and bass sound and ignoring the traditional boundaries of production and sound design, the project emerges fully formed and ready to infiltrate the electronic music world.  Discussing the production process, Schnell states:

“‘The River’, the track that shouldn’t have worked, but it did.  I remember saying to myself at the beginning of the project, forget every piece of production knowledge you know and just WRITE.  Don’t worry about the technical side, just throw samples into your session as fast as you can and see what happens… I wrote this song a year ago whilst in lockdown, thinking I’d never play a show again, I was frustrated and wanted to do something new, different, and fresh.  I basically made the song In an evening and then over the last couple of months perfected it to what it is now but I remember intently making the choice that this song would be a big “left of field” record that would either fail terribly or win tremendously!  Expect the unexpected and get weird with some unconventional drum and bass.”

With a release on Alison Wonderland’s newly formed FMU Records, The River is an ideal introduction to Fredrick and a great example of the genre-bending tracks that have made the new label one of the most exciting of 2023.

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