Gian Varela

Gian Varela embraces Latin culture on new EP ‘L.O.C’: Listen

Gian Varela sheds light on “the other” Latin culture on his debut EP entitled ‘L.O.C’, out now on Mixmash Records.

Hailing from Panama and honed in the United StatesGian Varela is a dynamic and groundbreaking house music DJ, producer, and songwriter who has quickly risen to global acclaim. With an innate rebellious spirit, Gian‘s distinctive style of seamlessly blending Latin genres and electronic sounds has cemented his position as a master of his craft. His upbringing in Panama, the birthplace of reggaetón’s roots, and subsequent move to the US have resulted in a unique, globally oriented sound that has won him legions of fans worldwide.

Dance music was long considered a counterculture, a fact that wasn’t lost on Gian Varela. The Latin producer found “La Otra Cultura,” (L.O.C.) or “the other culture,” when he fell in love with electronic music and entered it himself. He now honors the road less taken in the form of his ‘L.O.C.’ EP, featuring six tracks that fuse traditional Latin culture and music with his favorite genre.

With a fresh, modern take on rhythmic melodies combined with driving basslines on tracks like already fan-favorite Ponme Loco’ with Laidback Luke ft. Melfi and sultry lyrics with house beats onParty Sexo Alcohol’, Varela brings and invites everyone to the dancefloor. The ‘L.O.C.’ EP follows his recent single release Lo Que Siento’ with Tom Enzy, also a part of the EP, and introduces the brand new track Papi’ with Chuwe to Gian Varela’s discography. As an up-and-coming producer determined to break genre barriers with each release, Gian is only going up from here.

Gian Varela says, “L.O.C.” = “La Otra Cultura,” which means “the other culture” in Spanish. In Latin America, there is the “Para La Cultura” phrase, meaning “for the culture.” We use it a lot when we want to celebrate achievements that push the Latin culture forward.”

Listen to Gian Varela and his L.O.C EP here.



Image Credit: KANVAS / Provided by Unfolded PR