Grimes releases new AI software to mimic her voice and offers royalty shares

As the development of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has quickly expanded in recent years, it has caused reverberations throughout the music industry for its ability to simulate the voices and styles of artists.  While the industry and those involved continue to debate and work out ways to navigate this new reality, Grimes has decided to lean into, creating her own lane and way to adopt this technology.

After a recent AI-produced single featuring digitally generated vocals replicating Drake and The Weeknd emerged on the internet in recent weeks, artists and labels have been scrambling to navigate this new reality.  For Grimes, she chose to immediately lean into it, telling fans and producers that she was willing to allow her voice to be utilized while offering a 50% royalty split in the productions.  She has now launched the software through Elf Tech, and it will allow users to sing into the program which will then turn the recording into Grimes’ own voice.

To further encourage the use of this new technology, Grimes and her team are willing to distribute works created with this new AI generator, offering a 50% royalty share to creators, while just asking that any use of her name and likeness remains tasteful.  As this process evolves, Grimes and her team are looking to ensure further financial sharing opportunities:

“We ask for 50% splits on master recording royalties in exchange for a grimes feat and distribution,” she explained. “There’s a *small* chance we can organize getting you publishing $ as well but we can’t guarantee this yet. But I hope we can!! Would be cool.”

Taking to social media, Grimes shared some information and insight into how this new technology and process will play out upon its initial launch.


Image Credit: Jordan Uhl via Flickr | License: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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