Guy Gerber

Guy Gerber releases trippy new EP ‘Leave It On’: Listen

Underground mainstay Guy Gerber is back on his own Rumors label with a new EP entitled ‘Leave It On’.  Across three tracks he showcases his famously emotive and melodic house sounds.

Gerber has been a core part of the underground for years, headlining the world’s most revered clubs and festivals, collaborating with P. Diddy, bringing all new party concepts to Ibiza, and serving up serene and synth-heavy soundscapes that move people physically and emotionally on labels like Cocoon, Italians Do It Better and Rumors.

This one kicks off with the lush deep house elegance of ‘Leave It On’ with its languid bass and live-sounding drums. Swirling pads and atmospheric vocals bring a romantic feel to this late-night jam. ‘Leave Me‘ then picks up the pace with more percussive but still smooth grooves, this time doused in sweeping chords that bring sunshine and soul. ‘Jupiter Blues’ closes out with a cosmic exploration, the gently tinkling keys shining as stars as warm, rubbery drums carry you onwards and upwards.

This EP is perfect for easy listening or those late-night drives and explores the depths of how far sound-scapes can really stretch across the borders.

Listen to the full EP here.


Image Credit: Guy Gerber / Press