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Hardwell and Maddix reunite on mind-bending single ‘ACID’ with Luciana: Listen

Hardwell and Maddix join forces for the fourth time this year to release their high-energy single ‘ACID’ with vocalist Luciana, out now via Revealed Recordings.

When Hardwell and Maddix collaborate, a high-energy piece of production is guaranteed to be the end result, and ‘ACID’ is no exception. The record has been highly anticipated amongst both Dutchmen’s fan bases ever since Hardwell first dropped the track as an ID during his high-octane Ultra Miami 2023 main stage set. From big-room classics such as 2017’s ‘Smash This Beat’ and 2018’s ‘Bella Ciao’ to today’s techno-influenced ‘Take Me Away Again’ and Revolution,’ there’s no denying the two Dutchmen have strong chemistry. Now, they venture into a psychedelic trip, taking with them British vocalist Luciana who previously collaborated with Hardwell on their 2014 single ‘Arcadia.’ 

Luciana’s unique and well-recognized vocals take the lead in the track, becoming a main component throughout as she spells out “ACID” and chants the meaning of each letter in the acronym. Both Hardwell’s and Maddix’s electrifying big room and fast techno influences arise along acid synths and pulsating basslines, taking the party to new heights with their fresh and familiar sound. Together, all three artists’ influences thrive as an anthem meant for the party people.  

With the release of ‘ACID,’ Hardwell and Maddix continue to showcase their innovative and genre-defying mindsets, influencing today’s dance music scene by storm. The record is sure to dominate both festivals and clubs with its infectious sound all throughout the world this summer and beyond. Be sure to check out Hardwell and Maddix’s’ new single ‘ACID’ on Spotify down below or on your favorite streaming platform


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