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Ibiza tourists might face accommodation shortage this summer

The Balearic president has stated that tourists coming to Ibiza this summer might potentially face accommodation shortage.  In addition to this, he also proposed a new 60% raise in tax for tourists.

Local politicians are calling for new laws and regulations for tourists traveling to Ibiza this summer.  The politicians are planning on imposing new taxes regulations and perhaps a new ban on holiday rentals.  Francina Armengol, the president of the Balearics, has called for some hotels to be converted into social housing as many parts of the island are stricken with a housing crisis.  This would be in an effort to help control tourism more effectively.

The rise in Airbnb rentals has driven up the cost of renting all across Spain, mainly in holiday destinations like Ibiza, and many Spaniards have had problems affording housing in the constantly soaring rental prices.

Armengol states, “We propose zero growth in tourist, hotel, and vacation rental places, maintaining the ban on vacation rentals in multi-family homes and fighting against illegal offers. We want to start buying obsolete one-and two-star hotels to eliminate them or convert them into officially protected housing”

In addition to Armengol’s proposal, Més per Mallorca is also calling for a 60% rise in the rate of a tourist tax in order to help drive further economic prosperity for locals. The tourist tax currently sits at €4 for those staying in luxury hotels, €3 for those in cheaper hotels or apartments, and €2 for cruise passengers.

Image Credit: Mario Pinta / Provided by Neighbourhood PR