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IMS Business Report 2023: electronic music plays a big part in TikTok trends

On TikTok, average daily creations for #ElectronicMusic are up 113% according to the IMS Business Report 2023.

With electronic artists frequently going viral on TikTok and – in some cases – finding fame and huge career-advancing opportunities via the platform, it’s no surprise to see that the electronic music genre (and its many sub-genres) has fast become a central place for engagement on the platform, which the IMS Business Report 2023 details. Thanks to viral trends, many artists have also seen their songs become viral in a unique way, a prime example being David Guetta and Bebe Rexha‘s ‘I’m Good (Blue)‘ going viral before it had even been released, helping to push the release in a way that couldn’t have been achieved without the platform.

Going further, TikTok itself also launched the #ElectronicMusic hashtag in 2021 as part of a genre campaign, which also saw artists such as Disclosure and BICEP do live performances from the app, with David Guetta’s livestream from Ushuaïa Ibiza bringing in 638,400 unique viewers and setting a record for the most-watched livestream on TikTok.

IMS Business Report 2023

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According to data collected by the iMS Business Report 2023, the #ElectronicMusic hashtag has seen 5.9 billion global views, with 555 million of those coming from the UK in the past 12 months alone. With a massive growth in daily video views as displayed above, it’s clearer than ever that electronic music has a giant following on the app, and with it has opened many new doors for both emerging and established artists alike that has never been seen before.

To read the full report in detail, click here to download.


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