JAVAX adds techno flavor to his flip of Skrillex & Fred again..’s ‘Rumble’: Listen

The impact of Rumble, the 2023 single from Skrillex and Fred Again.. has been felt throughout the entire electronic music industry as the song has become an instant classic and inspired plenty of remixes and flips.  Now the London-based producer JAVAX has added his own techno-inspired style to the track for his own flip of the single.

Sometimes a song is more than just a song and in the case of Rumble, its legacy and influence has only grown since listeners around the world were first given a taste of it during the now iconic Fred Again.. boiler room set.  With its bass-heavy production and instantly infectious vocals from Flowdan, the lines “Yo, listen, you here that, killers in the jungle,” have now become part of the everyday dance music lexicon.  While some version of the track is sure to be played at every festival going forward, JAVAX has opted to give the track some techno influence on his own flip.

“Skrillex is one of my idols and when I heard this during his London shows with Fred Again and FourTet, I knew I wanted to add my take on this. With the track titled ‘RUMBLE’, any techno lover knows it’s all about the low-end rumble and I saw an opportunity to merge my love for techno and bass music.”

With that passion, reverence, and inspiration, JAVAX has transformed Rumble in a way that is familiar and refreshing, leaning into the techno energy and production that define his sound, but never taking away from the magic that has defined the single for producers and fans around the world.  The pulsing bass and percussion of the JAVAX flip to add a sense of urgency that perfectly compliment the image of “killers in the jungle.”  Be sure to check out the JAVAX flip of Rumble below, an incredible take on already legendary single.


Image Credit: JAVAX (Press)

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