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Jay de Lys shares two track EP, ‘Tired Of Loving’: Listen

Argentine producer Jay de Lys has been making a name for himself for several years now thanks to his high-energy productions and infectious rhythms that feature in all his tracks.  Now he is returning with two brand singles that are sure to continue his climb through the global ranks of producers and DJs as he continues to cement himself beyond the borders of Argentina.

Released via Jamie Jones’ new imprint, Paradise, the tracks on the Tired Of Loving EP perfectly capture the attitude and expression that the label looks to represent through its releases and events.  Kicking off with the title track, Tired Of Loving, Jay de Lys delivers a funky bass line that drives hard over a groovy house percussion, providing a foundation for the smooth, R&B-flavored vocal that builds slowly, allowing the music to be the main focus for listeners.  When the vocal does come in, the lines “feel so tired of loving, yeah, we had enough and we’ve given up on you,” are delivered with such a casual coolness, that it is impossible not to be drawn in by the line before quickly giving oneself to the beat in between phrases.  With a weekly Paradise event at Amnesia Ibiza happening throughout the summer, it is hard to imagine this not being the soundtrack of the venue thanks to its frankness and utter suave production.

For the second track on the EP, Jay de Lys plays fast and loose with the title, One Bad Bix, having the line repeated over the intro, and obviously, the inferred term that comes through is one that tells certain female partners that they need to go.  While listeners will make their minds up on the message of the single, the music continues in the lane as the track’s partner on the EP, offering another house production that is built to blast from the Ibiza speakers throughout the island’s summer season.

Check out Tired Of Loving by Jay de Lys below.


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