Jordan Cohen

Jordan Cohen is crafting irresistible beats with ‘Hypnotized’

With its pulsating beats and captivating melodies, electronic music is an exciting type of music that has been gaining popularity in recent years. One thing that makes the genre so thrilling is the DJ’s ability to control the crowd’s energy and keep them engaged throughout the night. Buzzing DJ and producer Jordan Cohen is a perfect example of this masterful crowd control. The passionate musician has crafted some irresistible beats and his newest track, “Hypnotized,” proves that Jordan Cohen will remain a force to be reckoned with throughout the industry. 

The innovative DJ’s love for electronic music began in college when his best friend introduced him to a whole new world of songs and sound. He quickly fell in love with the energy and vibe of electronic music, and soon enough, the two friends started hosting student nights on turntables in front of the whole school.

The experience was magical. And became a catalyst for Jordan’s music career. Today, he is a renowned DJ and producer, mixing in several nightclubs between Paris, St. Tropez, and Ibiza. He even dreams of mixing at some of the world’s most prestigious music festivals, including Tomorrowland and Ushuaia Ibiza.

One of Jordan’s most popular tracks is, “Hypnotized,” music that is created special for DJ sets. The track features a fusion of 90’s house music brought up to date, making it perfect for any club-goer who wants to dance the night away. Its catchy beat keeps the crowd engaged and entertained throughout the night.

Jordan has also created other tracks perfect for DJ sets, such as, “Burnin’ Up,” which features a blend of house and techno sounds that keep the dance floor hot all night. Another notable creation is his remix of Beyonce’s, “Break My Soul,” which features his signature blend of house and techno sounds.

But Jordan’s music isn’t just about creating enticing beats. It’s also about bringing joy and happiness to his fans. This is evident in his first single, “I Lost My Way,” which was successful in France and Europe and was even playlisted on the radio. The track features a joyful melody that ensures a smiling crowd all night.

Further evidence of the infectious nature of Jordan’s music is his recent experience in Ibiza. Mixing at the Ibiza Jet Beach Club in front of 2,000 enthusiastic music lovers, the DJ thoroughly enraptured the crowd. His future single, “Reunite,” featuring Sharone Ouazan and Jon Norris, promises to be another soul-shaking hit among his ever-growing fanbase and music lovers worldwide.

Jordan Cohen’s passion for music and his unique perspective on music production have made him one of the most sought-after DJs and producers in the industry today. However, it is his ability to create irresistible beats that keep the crowd entertained all night long, and really sets him apart. Whether it’s his uniquely designed tracks for DJ sets like, “Hypnotized,” and “Burnin’ Up,” or his remixes of popular tracks such as Beyonce’s, “Break My Soul,” Cohen’s music brings joy and happiness to all who hear it.





Image Credit: Jordan Cohen (Press) / Provided by Ascend Agency

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