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Karmic Neighborhood debuts stunning ‘I Don’t Want to Walk Away’ radio remix: Listen

An unexpected musical partnership has emerged in the quaint, idyllic town of Royal Oaks, California. On April 21, Armand Ruby, a scientist and part-time musician, and Julian Colbeck, a British keyboardist, and producer, will release their radio remix of “I Don’t Want to Walk Away” under the Karmic Neighborhood artist title. Featuring the soulful vocals of rocker James Durbin, this dreamy yet upbeat alt-pop track delves into themes of mystery, pain, and the concept of “lost love”, capturing the hearts of listeners worldwide.

The Karmic Neighborhood story is a tale of two strangers-turned-neighbors who discovered a shared passion for music and life experience, ultimately becoming collaborators in the world of rhythmic alt-pop. Armand Ruby and Julian Colbeck, both in their 60s, met by chance when they moved to the same neighborhood on the central California coast. The duo formed a strong bond through their love for music and the hopeful yet painful journey of surviving cancer. They found inspiration within the harmony of their own respective life journeys and a mutual interest in musical innovation.

Armand Ruby, a man of many talents, spent his formative years in the northeastern US, developing a deep affinity for science and music. Although he dreamt of pursuing a music career, an Ivy League scholarship propelled him toward environmental science. Despite the demands of his professional and personal life, Armand’s passion for music never waned, and he continued to write songs, perform in bands, and record demos. His creative prowess extended to the stage with the acclaimed musical play, Equinox The Musical, presented in 2011.

After overcoming a prostate cancer scare and separation, Armand moved to Royal Oaks in the Monterey Bay area in 2019, where he crossed paths with the accomplished music arranger, producer, and keyboardist, Julian Colbeck. Together, they recorded a preview soundtrack of songs from Equinox the Musical and produced the short musical film, I Said I Will. This award-winning film featured the original version of I Don’t Want to Walk Away, which was produced by Armand and Julian and mixed by Alan Parsons.

On the other hand, Julian Colbeck grew up in the south of England, where he honed his piano skills and went on to chase his dreams of being in a London-based rock ‘n’ roll band. His career soared with the band Charlie, earning several US Top 40 singles, including “Watching TV” and “LA Dreamer”. Throughout his 40-year career, Julian collaborated and toured with renowned artists like Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, Steve Hackett, Charlie, John Miles, and more.

Despite facing stage 4 cancer, Julian recognized the value in Armand’s songwriting and his Equinox film project, which led to their collaboration on the Equinox preview soundtrack recordings and ultimately, the radio remix of “I Don’t Want to Walk Away”. 

With the release of “I Don’t Want to Walk Away”, Armand and Julian aim to connect with listeners on an emotional level. This radio remix showcases a fresh take on their latest hit, inviting audiences to dive deep into the powerful narrative of lost love. The seamless collaboration between Armand Ruby and Julian Colbeck has resulted in a unique blend of musical talents, creativity, and life experiences, bringing Karmic Neighborhood’s compelling and innovative sound to life.



Image Credit: Karmic Neighborhood / Provided by Ascend Agency

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