Killbird X GADOR

Killbird and GADOR team up for new track, ‘Wait For Me Again’: Listen

Full of fresh energy, an infectious topline, and pristine production, the forces of Killbird and GADOR have combined for a fresh new single that will be sure to impact the dance music landscape in 2023. The pair showcase their skills across the original two-minute recording, as well as provide fans with a sped-up and slowed rendition of the single.

Set to officially release on May 26th via the Arise Music Group imprint, NOKTURNE, Killbird and GADOR begin the track with a set of horns laid over a traditional lead, sounding a warning of the impending production to follow.  Quickly, the bass and full percussion come in, underlying the main lead and driving it forward while carrying the listener away on the sonic energy of the track.  The production is then broken up as a female vocal comes in, singing the title refrain, ‘I want you to wait for me again,’ with hypnotic energy, surrounded by runs and “na-na’s.”  Interrupting the production just enough to capture the listener’s attention, the vocal is a well-placed bit of ear candy that just further drives home the energy and power of the single.

As the two producers prepare for the release of Wait For Me Again at the end of the month, they have been pushing the track through snippets via TikTok, building steady anticipation for the single.  As the phonk genre continues to grow and expand, Killbird and GADOR have created a single that looks to push it forward, introducing an infectiously catchy vocal melody, something that isn’t characteristic of many producers in the scene.  As the official release date approaches, fans should be sure to pre-add the single via their favorite streaming services to ensure they can start the morning of May 26th off with the track.


Image provided by ARISE Music Group

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