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Michael Canitrot takes listeners on a ‘Light Odyssey’ with electric new release: Listen

The title Light Odyssey expresses the idea of a dark and deep journey towards the most brilliant light,” states Michael Canitrot about his new instrumental single, a blend of progressive house tones and melodic techno. 

Known for taking listeners on a journey with his signature cinematic soundscapes, French producer Michael Canitrot is set to do this once again with his newest single ‘Light Odyssey.’ An instrumental piece set to make listeners completely zone out from their surroundings and take in all the intricacies that make up the soundscape, this is what Michael Canitrot does best when it comes to his productions and this latest one is certainly no exception.

Explaining the track and its background in more depth, he states:

“The title ‘Light Odyssey’ expresses the idea of a dark and deep journey towards the most brilliant light. To accomplish this luminous quest, it is essential to maintain constant perseverance in hope and thus keep a positive meaning to one’s own journey.

Starting with a dark atmosphere and setting a moody tone which has the listener intrigued from the very start, it then opens up to even more melodies, creating a stunning mix of progressive house sounds with the edgier tones of melodic house & techno. When they all come together as one, the result is something that can easily take your breath away. It’s not only the music he’s focused on, but also telling a solid story as he explained above, showcasing his forward-thinking approach to creation.

Aside from this, Michael Canitrot is also in the midst of his MONUMENTAL Tour, showcasing an electrifying set in four different historic monuments across France, which will draw in around 30,000 spectators. To find out more and get tickets for that, click here. Until then, you can stream ‘Light Odyssey’ here.

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