NASA shares audio recording of plasma waves hitting the earths magnetic field

Revealing official audio of ultra-low frequency waves hitting the earth’s magnetic field, a NASA-funded citizen science project called HARP or Heliophysics Audified: Resonances in Plasmas has made those unheard waves into audible whistles, crunches, and much more for listeners to take a listen to.

While we cannot hear the earth’s magnetic environment which is filled with exciting sounds, a newly funded NADA citizen science project called HARP – or Heliophysics Audified: Resonances in Plasmas has made those once-unheard waves into audible “whistles, crunches, and whooshes.” According to the official article from NASA, around our planet, ultralow-frequency waves compose a cacophonous operetta portraying the dramatic relationship between the earth and the sun. While the frequencies of the waves THEMIS measures are too low for our ears to hear, the HARP team sped them up to convert them to sound waves. By using an interactive tool developed by the team, NASA has revealed and officially released an audio where you can listen to these waves and pick out interesting features you hear in the sounds. As the project’s principal investigator, Michael Hartinger shares:

“What excites me most about the HARP project is the ability for citizen scientists to make new discoveries in heliophysics research through audio analysis,” said the project’s principal investigator, Michael Hartinger, a heliophysicist at the Space Science Institute in Colorado. “We need their help to understand complex patterns in the near-Earth space environment.”

Listen to the official audio below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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