NATIIVE returns with radio ready anthem, ‘Need You Now’: Listen

Los Angeles producer NATIIVE has returned with a brand new single that is as ready-made for the dance floor as it is for radio stations and mix shows around the world.  Built around a beautiful piano melody, the single Need You Now is immediate and forceful throughout its entire three minutes and forty seconds of music.

For NATIIVE and his fans, Need You Now is a continued look at the young producer’s promising future, and serves as the second single off of his upcoming debut EP, Good For Now, which is due out on July 7th.  While the vocalist on his new production chose to remain anonymous, her lyrics and vocal delivery perfectly embody the energy and mood of the track.  With the beautifully melodic deep house production as a foundation, her voice sits on top, providing a haunting beauty and stark imagery that just help bring the entire work to life.  As for the track itself, NATIIVE discusses the songwriting process and how the early piano and synth lines shaped the work on the single:

“I started the track in early 2022 and it went through quite a process. I knew the instrumental had something special to it. I really loved the feel of the piano and synth lines. But what really pushed me to want to finish the song were the drums. The drums and percussion took me months to get right, I wanted them to have a specific groove. They are easily some of my favorites to date. I wanted this track to have the feel and energy of a club track but also maintain a strong sense of emotion in the songwriting.”

As NATIIVE continues to push forward towards the release of his debut EP, Need You Now is an incredibly promising entry from the producer.  With summer sets and playlists being curated now, the single is a perfect addition to any setting, offering listeners a dynamic listening experience that is both deeply personal bur also melodic and beautiful.



Image Credit: Natasha Dion, Aidan Lawson / Provided by twotwothree management

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