Pretty Pink

Pretty Pink presents her debut album ‘Born Digital’: Listen

Born Digital‘ is the culmination of Pretty Pink‘s career to date, encapsulating the uplifting and melodic identity of her sound.

Pretty Pink’s journey into the world of electronic music began some time ago. About fifteen years ago, the German artist swapped the athletics track for the DJ booths almost by accident. Her beginnings were gentle and discreet, but her volatile nature soon made itself felt and today the power of her music leaves no one indifferent. Hailing from Germany, Pretty Pink grew up in nature. Her musical art consists of digital instruments, but her inspiration undoubtedly comes from organic nature. Both dimensions are dichotomous and complementary and are the two pillars of Pretty Pink’s identity and her debut album. ‘Born Digital’ is available now for streaming and download via her imprint DEEP WOODS.

Her background as a high-performance athlete gives her the stamina and resilience to navigate the music industry. Pretty Pink’s work ethic favours concentration. Her connection to sport is unwavering, maintaining a healthy balance of activities that allow her to keep her body and mind healthy. This balance is also reflected in the tracks on ‘Born Digital’, which are the perfect nourishment for body and mind. The tracks on this album are an elegant blend of epic synthesisers and carefully crafted percussion. The beats are firm, calculated and strategic, serving as a structure for the flowing melodies. There is a driving energy in all the tracks, a call and a message encoded by Pretty Pink that is revealed in every minute of the tracks of ‘Born Digital’. It’s a journey deep into the identity of this rising star and a candid dive into the essence of her sound.

The album opens with the title track, a beautiful preface to the other 16 tracks. Each of them expresses a different emotion, a memory, an experience, a feeling. If you’re looking for contemporary melodic techno pieces, made with a waltz of hypnotic synths and deep tones, you won’t be indifferent to ‘Euphoria‘, ‘Wildlands‘ or even ‘Dark Woods‘. They’re all part of an emotional puzzle full of rhythm and with a gripping bassline. They make sense as a whole, but can and should be savoured individually. Pretty Pink takes digital modernism and drenches it in sentimental melodies, in an emotive mix that results in its digital nature. Listen to this magnificent album below:


Image Credit: Marina Schneider-Moog