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“Printworks 2.0” is looking to be launched in 2026

When the iconic London venue Printworks announced that it would be closing its doors in 2023 to make way for an office park on the land, the electronic music community uttered a global moan of disbelief.  Having been a staple of the electronic music culture since the owners converted the one-time printing press into a venue in 2017, it has attracted some of the world’s premier DJs and producers to the stage.

In 2022, the owners revealed that the venue have one last season, with Printworks closing its doors for good on May 1st of 2023.  With the final event in the books, the owners of the venue are choosing to look forward and write a new chapter in the history of the London dance music scene with a plan to launch a new venue in three years’ time.  The announcement came from Simeon Aldred, Broadwick’s Directory of Strategy, revealing plans for a “Printworks 2.0” in 2026:

“We are delighted to announce that Printworks hopes to return in three years and that we will continue to work with our partners at British Land to create the future cultural venue that retains the essence of the iconic Press Halls.  Printworks has brought lasting impact to our scene, to our city, to artists and our local community. The future Printworks venue aims to build on this, bringing together all the best in all electronic music and visual arts, both as well as hosting some of the world’s best orchestras, ballet companies and other art forms”.

It is exciting news for DJs and music fans around the world who look forward to future opportunities to experience the culture and dedication to the scene that Printworks offered while in operation.  London Night Czar, Amy Lamé, also received the news with jubilation stating that:

“London’s world-famous nightlife is the heartbeat of our capital and Printworks has played a dynamic role bringing together culture, music and entertainment and attracting artists and visitors from all over the world. I am delighted there is an exciting future ahead for Printworks and I will continue working with all involved to ensure they thrive.”

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