Rancido unveils emotive new single ‘Hope’ feat. Fabian Raphaël: Listen

Blessing us all with the most emotive of singles, Rancido has just unveiled his latest track, entitled ‘Hope.’ Elevating the production to even further heights, singer/songwriter Fabian Raphaël will have anyone feeling some type of way.

Taking listeners on the most emotive and melodic of musical journeys, Rancido has just unveiled his latest single, in the form of ‘Hope.’ Leaving no doubt to the imagination, each musical element has been implemented to the utmost of perfection, with the man of the moment further advocating the true musical prowess that he possesses. Elevating the production to even further heights, the addition of singer/songwriter Fabian Raphaël on vocals, ensures nothing less than the most breathtaking of end products.

Releasing the track under his very own imprint, Omeni Records, Rancido has been showing no signs of slowing down, whilst each of his endeavours act as a clear testament towards everything that he has set out to achieve in his career thus far. Launched back in 2017, Omeni Records has been providing up and coming artists with a platform to express their feelings and beliefs, whilst a versatile nature is also encouraged, through the variety of genres that range all the way from Ambient / Electronica to Melodic House and Techno and to Afro House. Leaving his own mark on the most constant of basis, Rancido is no stranger to success, with his track ‘Leon’ garnering millions of streams, whilst his performance at Ultra Miami this past March, well and truly put him on the scale towards reaching global recognition.

Showcasing a multifaceted side of his capabilities through this latest release, ‘Hope’ is more than set on making you feel some type of way, as both set of artists’ have set out to portray a clear message of no matter what life may throw in your path, there is always hope and strength that will help you surpass any challenges and adversities. A true masterpiece of a track, be sure to check out ‘Hope’ in all its glory below, whilst streaming is also available through all major platforms here. Don’t forget to leave your own thoughts in the comments section. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Rancido (Press) / Provided by WALL

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