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SCOPETANI: Fusing Afro House with commercial sounds
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SCOPETANI: Fusing Afro House with commercial sounds

Home Uncategorized SCOPETANI: Fusing Afro House with commercial sounds

It’s unusual to discover an artist that can successfully combine many musical styles without losing the attention of listeners or compromising the integrity of their music. That’s exactly what French DJ and producer SCOPETANI is doing, as his innovative blend of Afro House music is causing a seismic shift in the world of electronic dance music. In this exclusive interview, SCOPETANI talks about how he comes up with his ideas, what motivates him to make Afro House, and where he sees electronic dance music going in the future.

If you ask SCOPETANI why he decided to dive into Afro House, he’ll tell you, “I’ve always been drawn to the vibrant, rhythmic beats of Afro House, and I felt that it was the perfect genre to complement my own musical style.” I think I can make my EDM songs stand out from the crowd by including Afro House components.

The celebrated DJ’s concept for his music comes from a place of wanting to push limits and question conventions. “The genre of electronic dance music is always developing, and I want to be on the cutting edge, he said.” “By mixing Afro House into my music, I hope to expand the boundaries of what is considered electronic dance music.”

Since adopting this risky strategy, SCOPETANI has been making waves on the worldwide music scene. His dedication to experimentation has not only won him a devoted fan base, but also the acclaim of his artistic contemporaries, including such luminaries as Ofenbach, Feder, and Hugel.

He has displayed an intuitive and exploratory approach to his creative process. “I always let the music dictate the direction of a new tune while I’m writing it. I don’t try to create a connection between EDM and Afro House; instead, I let it develop naturally. It’s a life-altering adventure that has broadened my understanding of music’s transformative potential and its capacity to bridge cultural divides.”

SCOPETANI is confident and eager to keep venturing into uncharted musical territory in the years to come. “I’m interested to see where the combination of EDM and Afro House leads me since I think it has a lot of untapped potential. I’m on the right track to realizing my dream of starting a worldwide music movement that honours the common ground and rich variety of musical expression.”

SCOPETANI is an influential figure in the world of electronic dance music due to his dedication to experimentation and his forward-thinking perspective as a musician. His innovative take on Afro House is helping to shape the future of electronic dance music by inspiring a new generation of musicians to push the envelope of what’s possible.


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Image Credit: SCOPETANI (Press) / Provided by Ascend Agency


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